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World Famous Typical Indian Food

World Famous Typical Indian Food

India is known as a country that has many culinary varieties. Indian food has also been accepted globally. So there is no problem getting Indian food in some countries. Usually Indian restaurants abroad provide favorite menus like these 25 Indian dishes. Ranging from Indian staple foods such as biryani rice to typical Indian snacks such as panipuri. tasteofindiagrill

Kathy Roll

This typical Indian food is very famous and is known as a typical Indian street food with a taste that has no doubt about its delicacy. Kathi rolls have the same appearance as Middle Eastern kebabs. However, what makes kathi rolls different from kebabs is the bread used to roll this food. This food uses paratha bread which is a kind of flat bread or Indian-style bread. You will feel the savory taste of chicken meat cooked with the taste of spices in every bite of the kathi roll.


Samosa is a typical Indian snack which is included in the snack model. Samosas have the same look and feel as the typical Indonesian snacks, namely pastels and spring rolls. This Indian delicacy has a dry and crunchy texture against the outer skin. When bitten, you will feel the savory taste of the mutton stuffing along with typical Indian curry spices. In Indonesia itself, samosas have been modified with various filling variants, such as chocolate or milk.


If you have ever watched Indian films, laddu is a typical Indian snack that is always served during religious ritual celebrations. This round-shaped snack is made from wheat flour, which is mixed with sugar, then rubbed with animal ghee or commonly known as ghee. The dough is then formed into a ball and fried. You’ll find a sweet taste and have a variety of other flavors with customized recipes, such as chopped nuts or raisins.


Chole is a classic curry vegetable dish that is easy to find in India or Indian restaurants in Indonesia. Chole is made from green beans which have been soaked overnight. Then, the chole is cooked with yogurt, onions, tomatoes, and paste which is mixed with garlic, ginger, and not to forget the typical Indian curry spices. Usually, this chickpea curry is eaten hot with Indian leavened fried bread, such as poori or bhatura. Bhatura itself is bread without filling in a wide shape which is cooked together by frying.


Many names for one of the typical Indian food which is famous in almost all over the world. Some call it biryani, beryani, biriani, or briyani rice. Although it has many names, this biryani rice is one of the home-style Indian dishes that relies on lots of spices, from coriander to cardamom. One thing that can not be separated from briyani rice is basmati rice which has the characteristic of being long and slightly dry.

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