Início Sem categoria Why can teeth hurt? It turns out this is the cause!

Why can teeth hurt? It turns out this is the cause!

Why can teeth hurt? It turns out this is the cause!

When a toothache someone will feel uncomfortable. Pain will be felt around your teeth or gums. Toothaches are hard to ignore. Sometimes it hurts. Although most complaints of toothache are not life threatening. However, some cases can be a sign that you are experiencing a serious condition. So, why do teeth hurt? Come on, peel thoroughly about toothache in the following review.

Toothache occurs when the nerves at the roots of the teeth or around the teeth are irritated. Usually the most common cause of toothache, such as tooth infection, decay, injury, or tooth loss. Pain in the teeth can also occur after extractions or minor surgery performed to remove the tooth. The pain also comes from other areas and radiates to the jaw so it’s like a toothache. Other common areas include jaw joints, earaches, sinuses, and heart problems. So, to prevent toothache, you can do dental flossing, clean between the teeth), brush your teeth with fluoride paste, and clean your teeth 2 times a year.

Common causes of toothache

Tooth decay is usually the most common reason for toothaches. If tooth decay is not treated immediately, the infection will get worse and can lead to an abscess which can develop into a serious infection. A dental abscess is an infection near the tooth or the pulp within the tooth. Also, toothaches can be caused by impacted teeth. For example, wisdom teeth that are trapped in gum tissue or bone. As a result he is unable to grow.

Common causes of toothache referred pain

In addition to common causes, sinusitis can also be a cause of toothache. Why is that? When the sinuses are inflamed it can cause pain in the upper teeth.

A less common cause of toothache is referred pain

There are other, less common causes of toothache. In some cases, a toothache can be a warning sign of an illness, such as a heart attack warning. Heart disease and lung cancer can also cause toothaches due to the location of your vagus nerve. These nerves run from your brain to various organs in your body, including your heart and lungs. It goes through your jaw.

A rare cause of referred pain toothache

Meanwhile, a rare cause of toothache can occur due to a painful neurological condition that causes your trigeminal and occipital nerves to become irritated or inflamed. These nerves serve your skull, face and teeth. When they become inflamed, the pain can feel like it’s coming from your teeth and don’t forget to visit our site for more interesting information by Visit the dr william straka

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