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Typical Italian Food that Tastes Numero Uno

Typical Italian Food that Tastes Numero Uno

If most of Italy is famous for pizza and spaghetti, you need to know that there are various other Italian specialties that are no less tasty and delicious! Typical Italian cuisine itself is famous for its creamy taste, some of the main ingredients of the dish also come from cheese, milk and egg yolks. Once you try it, you will immediately know that this dish originates from Italy.

Not only the main course, the desserts are also very delicious and unique, according to the tongue of the Indonesian people. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some Italian specialties that you have to try!


If you are a lover of Italian cuisine, of course you have seen risotto quite often in various Italian restaurant menus. Risotto is usually served as a main dish in serving food. Reporting from there are various types of risotto, the most famous of which is the classic risotto. The main ingredient is rice which is mixed together with the broth until it thickens and resembles cream. The broth used can come from meat or chicken.


This is one of the Italian foods that is a favorite of many people and is often found in various Italian restaurants around the world. In fact, gnocchi is a type of dumpling made from flour which is made in various flavors and styles. There are gnocchi that contain meat and there are also gnocchi that are made specifically for vegetarians which of course have absolutely no meat content in them. Have you ever tried this Italian food? You can enjoy it using sauce and cheese to make it more delicious.


You may have heard the name of this Italian food. Ravioli was originally an Italian food that developed and became famous during the Roman era. This food is made from spinach and includes ricotta. This Italian food menu is perfect for those of you who are vegetarians and don’t like to eat meat. Ravioli are usually served in small portions so if you want to be full while eating ravioli you can eat 2 to 3 servings at a time.


If in our country, panzerotti almost resembles a patty, both are fried but the difference is in the contents. Street food, which has been around since the 18th century, contains dough in the form of minced meat or fish (according to taste) mixed with cheese and tomatoes. Panzerotti is priced at around IDR 28-50 thousand, depending on the filling we choose.

Pani ca Muesa

This street food comes from Southern Italy, to be precise in the City of Palermo. Apart from Southern Italy, most Italian people call this savory food together with the name panino con la milza. With a price of around IDR 98,000, you can enjoy a burger whose signature feature is that it contains the spleen, lungs, trachea, seasoned with lard. Just like panzerotti, pani ca muesa has been consumed by Italians since the 19th century.


Italian cuisine is of course famous for its pasta. One of the most interesting pasta preparations is lasagna. Lasagna can be said to be one of the traditional Italian dishes, but along with the development of the culinary world, lasagna has had many additional modern variations. Lasagna is made by grilling it with tomato sauce and piling the meat on top of the pasta. The taste is very typical Italian style, usually including lasagna added mozzarella cheese to strengthen the taste.

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