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Traditional Slovenian Food You Must Try

Traditional Slovenian Food You Must Try

According to Slovenia is the most surprising foodie destination in Europe. Sandwiched between Hungary, Croatia, Austria, and Italy, this small nation is surrounded by culinary might, but that means competition is fierce, and culinary influences are varied.

Slovenian cuisine seems to have been shaped by its neighbors. The thick stew mixed with paprika is reminiscent of Hungarian specialties such as Goulash. Pasta, tortellini-like dumplings and great broths are not going out of bounds in Trieste, while Austrians still claim that Slovenia’s national sausage (Kranjska klobasa) is actually their own.


Žganci combines buckwheat, cornmeal, and potato starch with liquid to create a porridge that cooks until crisp and crumbly. The starchy crumbs are served with honey, bacon or dried fruit. To make this Slovenian dish especially satisfying, it is sometimes topped with milk or diluted yogurt.


This mouth-watering Slovenian meal will fill you up after a day on the mountain! Ritschert is made with barley, beans, vegetables, potatoes and cured pork. The peanuts and barley were diluted to a more soup-like consistency and they were salty, fatty and delicious!

Idrijski Žlikrofi

These amazing dumplings are so important to Slovenian cuisine that they have a Guarantee of Traditional European Excellence. These small bites are a true testament to the traditions of Slovenian cooking. The traditional recipe for these delicious dumplings dates back to the 19th century.

Idrijski žlikrofi is made of thin dough with potato filling and is usually boiled. Some enjoy this with just the breadcrumbs and others with a delicious dip or sauce. Idrijski žlikrofi is often enjoyed with main dishes that are rich in meat.

Kranjsk Klobasa

Carniolan sausage is the most famous dish in Slovenia. When it was first created in 1896, this sausage was known as “kranjka” and was copyright protected as a typical Slovenian dish in 2015. This traditional sausage comes from the Gorenjska area and is called an important menu item that must be present at various events. ceremonies and other important events. This Slovenian specialty must be made with at least 68% pork, 12% beef and 20% bacon.


Potica is a dish that has existed since the 16th century. This typical Slovenian cake is a dish that is generally served at celebrations and holidays such as Christmas and Easter. This cake is usually served with various fillings, both sweet and savory. It is said that there are 80 variations of Potica that can be found for various events. In the past, the contents of Potica reflected the economic level of the family that made it. Meanwhile, currently, the contents are only a complement based on a hereditary recipe in the family. Making Potica itself is quite long and requires patience at every stage of the process.


Obara is a meat and vegetable soup originating from the Štajerska region of Slovenia. It differs from other Slovenian stews such as barley stew, goulash and yota stew in that it contains a variety of different vegetables and meats.

Stew usually takes the name of whatever meat is used to prepare it, the most common types are chicken and beef. The most common vegetables include carrots, radishes, green beans, peas and onions.

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