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The Latest Way to Add Dota 2 Friends Without Paying

The Latest Way to Add Dota 2 Friends Without Paying

Hanging out or playing together with friends is certainly more fun. It will be easier for you to communicate and develop strategies. MOBA tutorial main dota gacor type games like Dota 2 can also be played with friends, you know. So, is there a way to add friends to Dota 2 without paying?

As we all know, Dota 2 is a game made by Valve that can be played on Steam. When playing this game, you also have to comply with the provisions made by Valve and Steam. Even when you want to add friends, Gamers friends must pay attention to the provisions of Steam.

In this information, we will discuss the possibility of adding friends without having to pay. How to? Just follow the discussion below.

Dota 2 Add Friend Terms

Adding friends to play together actually doesn’t require paying. As long as your account is not a limited Steam account, you can add friends whenever you want. So, the way to add Dota 2 friends without paying is to change your limited account to unlimited.

Therefore, the first thing Gamers friends need to do is try to change the limited account. How do you do the tutorial for playing Dota Gacor? Follow the discussion below.

A Glance at How to Get Rid of Limited Steam Accounts

When you have successfully tried playing Dota 2, that means you already have the application and a Steam account on your PC. So, it’s time for you to be more active in maintaining your account. The trick is to remove the limited steam account.

As previously discussed, limited Steam accounts can be removed by filling your Steam Wallet with $5 USD and spending it on the Steam Market.

Furthermore, after your purchase of items reaches the specified nominal, your account will change to unlimited. That way, gamer friends can start leveling up their Steam account, adding friends, and many other features.

If you don’t change your account to unlimited, you won’t be able to add friends. To play with friends, you have to wait for your friends to invite you.

How to Add Dota 2 Friends Without Paying

After changing the account to unlimited, it’s time to add the people you want to add. How do you add friends to Dota 2 without paying? Check out the following tutorial.

1. Click View Friend List

To start adding friends, you can enter the game. Then, look at the bottom right corner where it says “View Friend List”

2. Click “Add Friend”

After that, a new column will appear. You can see your friends list. then, at the bottom, it says “Add friend”. Just click the button.

3. Look for the Steam ID of the friend you want to add

After you click “Add Friend” there will be a search field. In this column, all you have to do is type the name of the friend you want to invite.

The name written is the friend’s Steam ID. So, before inviting friends, first ask for their ID, OK?

4. Click “Add Friend” to the right of the Friend’s ID

Finally, after finding the friend you want to invite, just click “Add Friend” to the right of the friend’s ID.

You can also click on a friend’s ID to see their profile. Roughly looks like the following image.

After that, later there will be a notification in the friend’s game that was invited earlier. Just like any other invitation, friends can accept, reject, or even block you. So, make sure the people you invite are really your friends, OK?

That’s a tutorial for how to add Dota 2 friends without paying. Very easy right? As a beginner, Gamers Friends can definitely do it.

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