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The Impact of Drugs on Life and Health

The Impact of Drugs on Life and Health

Narkoba stands for cloud9 cannabisme Narcotics, Psychotropics and other dangerous Addictive Materials, which are substances/substances which, if entered into the human body, whether orally/drunk, inhaled, or injected, can change one’s thoughts, moods or feelings, and behavior. Drugs have very strong addiction or addiction, tolerance, and habitual power (habits), so that drug users cannot be separated from their dependence on drugs.

The dangers and impacts of using drugs are enormous for physical, mental and emotional health, including:

1. Disruption of the Main Nerve

Nerves will be disturbed resulting in convulsions, hallucinations, impaired consciousness and damage to the peripheral nerves.

2. Damaging the Heart

These drugs can also damage the heart resulting in acute infection of the heart muscle and circulatory disorders.

3. Can be exposed to HIV / AIDS to cause death

Meanwhile, the use of drugs through injection increases the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS and causing death.

4. Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Not only that, if the wearer is a woman, it will have an impact on irregular menstrual cycles.

5. Attacking Overall Health

Be prepared to face acute dehydration, hallucinations, and impaired quality of life and social activities that prevent you from carrying out normal activities if you consume it.

Preventing the spread of drugs is our shared responsibility. In this case, all parties, especially parents, teachers and the community, must play an active role in monitoring the threat of drugs to teenagers. Therefore we can cooperate with the authorities to conduct counseling about the dangers of drugs. Parental assistance also plays an important role by providing love and attention.

Dangers of Drug Abuse for Physical and Mental Health

So, here are the effects of drug abuse that can target the physical and mental:

1. Lowering Consciousness Until Memory Loss

The most obvious effect of drug abuse is a decrease in consciousness. In fact, decreased awareness can lead to memory loss.

Because the effect of drugs is sedative. That is, these illegal drugs can cause symptoms such as confusion, memory loss, behavior changes, decreased consciousness and impaired body coordination. You can read the following articles to understand more:

2. Dehydration

The next danger of drugs is dehydration due to electrolyte imbalance. As a result, the wearer can experience panic attacks, chest pain, hallucinations, and even seizures due to drugs. If left unchecked, the effects of these drugs can lead to damage to the brain.

3. Permanently Damages the Brain

If the dangers of this one drug can arise when someone uses it in the long term. Use in high doses can also trigger the effects of this drug.

Drugs force the brain to work faster and suppress the central nervous system to produce a calming effect. These brain cell changes interfere with communication between nerve cells. As a result, permanent brain damage due to drugs was inevitable.

Even though the user has stopped taking this drug, the healing process takes quite a long time. In fact, the effects of drug addiction can last a lifetime.

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