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The Best Choice of Bars in Jakarta

The Best Choice of Bars in Jakarta to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

in th. 2022, we see a bright spot in the world that is slowly recovering from a global pandemic. Many people have returned to their long-awaited entertainment and leisure activities. Now, nearing the end of a chapter full of changes and adjustments, there is a surge of enthusiasm for people to welcome a new chapter in the post-Covid world full of passionate celebrations. read more

For those of you who are ready to welcome the vibrant changes of the year. on the dance floor along with a glass of cocktail and rhythmic dance music, see Bazaar’s suggestions for 10 bars in Jakarta that could be your final celebration area of the year. This next 2022.

1. Chao Chao

This outdoor rooftop bar located at the Alila SCBD Hotel can be the perfect place for you and your closest relatives to welcome their birthday. just this once. Located in the SCBD area surrounded by the glittering skyscrapers of the Capital City, Chao Chao offers a metropolitan atmosphere full of youthful enthusiasm complemented by classic house and disco music for the New Year’s Masquerade celebration presented by a number of well-known DJs, namely Thincut, Vickry & Dimas Pratama.

2. Embassy

Always presenting well-known guest DJs from Indonesia and abroad, the Embassy can be the destination for birthday celebrations. new for you admirers of the EDM music genre. With an industrial feel and also a vibrant spotlight, this club located in Elysee SCBD promises a night full of unforgettable moments.

3. Mr. Fox

This restaurant-cum-club located in the Energy Building offers an Asian fusion menu and an exciting cocktail range for dinner that can turn into a grand celebration on the dance floor. Apart from live music which is the main attraction of this club, Mr.Fox also has a variety of affordable free flow promos. Check out his Instagram channel for the latest information on the anniversary events. guaranteed to be the sweetest highlight together with beloved relatives th. This.

4. Ms. Jackson

For those of you who like to sing along with your beloved friends, Ms. Jackson always presents a line of famous Indonesian musicians and singers who perform nostalgic legendary songs. Apart from that, there are also a number of local and international DJs presenting a variety of music genres ranging from EDM, RnB and house. With a glass of cocktail in hand and a state of youthful enthusiasm, this bar is the perfect place to celebrate a year. new.


With an Art-deco character interior and also dim lighting, the end of year celebration. at LBRTY can feel like a frenetic yet intimate time-traveling experience. Disco, ’90s and RnB music sets are the mainstay of the in house DJs and guests add to the atmosphere, accompanied by a glass of cocktail and beloved friends. With limited capacity, don’t forget to make a reservation to ensure your place at the anniversary. just this once.

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