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Testosterone – 5 Ways to Naturally Increase it

Reduce that fat.
To have excess body fat produces estrogen levels which in turn lowers testosterone. Be certain when losing this weight to not starve yourself and gradually loose the pounds week by week as cutting your calories by just 15 % signals to the body of yours it’s being starved and often will turn off testosterone production to wait out the famine.
Wake up to morning glory.
German scientists have found that by just having an erection can result in your testosterone levels to raise and Click for page (click for info) better yet having sex in the morning is able to curb your organic post-evening testosterone drop.
Compound exercises.
In order to increase your testosterone levels perform compound exercises. Compound exercises move the body through more than one joint movement working a number of muscles at the same time. The rewards of combination exercises are.
* More muscle fiber stimulation.* Makes the endocrine system of yours spew out far more anabolic hormones.* Less time invested in the fitness center.
Don’t binge drink.