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Socialization of Gender Equality

Socialization of Gender Equality

Quoted from in the framework of achieving Gender Equality, the Banjarmasin City Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Service through the Sub-Activity of Policy Advocacy and Assistance in the Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming (PUG) including Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting (PPRG) conducts Socialization Gender Equality for Communities in 2 Sub-Districts in Banjarmasin City, namely North Belitung Sub-District and Teluk Dalam Sub-District.

The first activity was held at the North Belitung Village Hall on Tuesday, 30 November 2021. While the second activity took place at the Teluk Dalam Village Hall on December 6, 2021. Each activity invited 30 participants consisting of the Head of the RT, Head of the RW, Village Council and Dasawisma Kelurahan PKK Cadres. The outreach activity invited resource persons from the South Kalimantan Province Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting Facilitator Team (PPRG), namely Mrs. Mayronah, SKM. In his presentation he delivered material on Understanding the Concept of Gender and Gender Equality and Justice. Not forgetting to convey the increase in achievements in the implementation of mainstreaming of children in the regions as well as contributions to the process of strengthening capacity in the regions which in turn can provide positive impacts and benefits for local governments. The issues of domestic violence, unregistered marriage and early marriage were also raised in the discussion forum.

It is hoped that by participating in this Socialization of Gender Equality in order to increase public knowledge, especially in the North Belitung Sub-District and Teluk Dalam Sub-District regarding Gender Equality. To achieve quality development, especially for women and the fulfillment and protection of women in the city of Banjarmasin, Gender Equality Socialization can measure how much has been achieved in improving the quality of life of women and fulfilling the rights and protection of women in the city of Banjarmasin. From the above achievements will determine the level of quality of life of women and the fulfillment of women’s protection in the city of Banjarmasin.

The Importance of Justice and Gender Equality in Indonesia

Indonesia has ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) 22 years ago, through Law No. 7 of 1984 (UU No. 7/1984). In the course of implementing CEDAW, the Indonesian government realized that discrimination against women was still strong in all fields of development. This discrimination threatens the achievement of justice and gender equality in Indonesia.

In 2000 the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Abdurahman Wahid, issued Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2000 concerning Gender Mainstreaming in Development (Inpres PUG). It is hoped that national development will integrate a gender perspective from the process of planning, drafting, implementing, monitoring, to evaluating and utilizing the results.

To strengthen the legal umbrella for Gender Mainstreaming, in 2006 the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA) drafted a Draft Government Regulation (RPP) on Gender Mainstreaming

From a philosophical aspect, Pancasila as the philosophy of the State is the philosophical basis for the importance of the KKG Law, especially the Second Precept of Pancasila “Just and Civilized Humanity” and the Fifth Precept of Pancasila “Social justice for all Indonesian people”. The just and civilized Humanity Principles contain the meaning that justice applies to every human being

On the other hand, the Government of Indonesia has signed a global agreement document on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) or the government’s official term is the Sustainable Development Goals (TPB), which consists of 17 Goals (Goals) and 169 targets (targets). In the TPB there is one goal, to: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls.

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