Início Sem categoria Research: Fast Food in England Sells as a Bad Mood Buster

Research: Fast Food in England Sells as a Bad Mood Buster

Research: Fast Food in England Sells as a Bad Mood Buster

Often we hear the expression, that food can eliminate bad moods. Sometimes, food can be a savior when you’re feeling down. Apparently, not only does it help to feel full, but food is also a measure of happiness for most people.

This seems to be of interest to researchers in England. Nutritionists there are currently studying what types of food tend to be chosen when adults feel happy, or vice versa, when they are not confident.

According to them, in order to build a happier feeling, it is recommended to eat oily fish to whole grains. Meanwhile, fast food like potato chips and pizza should be avoided.

quoted from another study conducted by a premium salmon production company, namely MOWI. They found that around 73 per cent of British adults were often confused about food choices that could keep their mood up. Meanwhile, the rest have started to understand their mood condition towards each dish that is available.

According to Chartered psychologist and author of ‘How To Build a Healthy Brain’, Kimberly Wilson, explains that the habit of many adults today is to choose fast food when they feel insecure.

“It’s easy to switch to take-away or practical food when you feel less self-sufficient. Foods that are high in sugar and fat do sometimes revive our feelings. Although, they are not the best mood enhancers because the effect is not long-lasting,” explained Wilson, quoted from Independents.

Apart from that, not a few cases have been found, when in fact these adults understand that food can make you feel more relaxed. However, sometimes, they don’t know what kind of food to choose that helps improve their mental health as well as their brain function.

Wilson also added, actually consuming dishes that are high in vitamins can bring happiness in itself. “Call it salmon. This fish is rich in omega-3, essential fatty acids, and a source of vitamin B12 as well as D. All of its ingredients are well known as the main factor for the emergence of a better mood and feeling,” he said.

Generally, British adults reflexively make less healthy food choices when the mood sours. At least it takes an average of 18 minutes, to predict whether their mood will return or not. However, as many as 26 percent of them felt that there had been no significant change after eating the fast food.

Since the pandemic arrived, experts have come up with a new diet. Because, the majority only do monotonous activities in the house. So, now they tend to eat healthy foods or types of processed-food.

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