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Popular Food in America Favorite Local Residents

Popular Food in America Favorite Local Residents

Exploring a country certainly needs to enjoy a variety of unforgettable experiences, including culinary delights. When you go to Uncle Sam’s country, then you need to try popular food in America too. Not without reason, a lot of food that is currently available in many countries comes from this one superpower. Various variations and familiar flavors you’ve ever tried.

These popular food choices will definitely taste more authentic if you taste them there. The processing down to the various details that exist clearly gives a different taste, especially a delicious eating experience. Of course, you as a culinary lover need to try it once in America, which is popular all over the world, try to taste it. Come on! Try Popular Food in America:

Apple Pie

Who doesn’t like apple pie? Pie with the main filling of apple cider originally came from England. However, as time goes by, Americans always present apple pie in casual dining and holiday meals. You can also look for apple pie in Indonesia, but surely you are also curious about the original American-style taste which is very popular?

Pies also became diverse and many different fillings began to be made. Some of the flavors used as pie fillings are blueberry, cheese, strawberry to chocolate. There are also pies that are innovated with fla and fruit which are refreshing and ready to be eaten for breakfast or daily snacks.

There are several choices of popular American food that you can try. If traveling to America, don’t be confused to try one of the foods above. The reason is, these popular foods are easy to find along the streets and in shops in America. Make sure you also try different brands or variants of popular American food in Indonesia.

Grilled Chicken

Still about chicken, the next popular American food is grilled chicken. This chicken processed food is usually cooked by roasting. Very unique and popular, it’s not surprising that many people make grilled chicken in Indonesia.

However, if you have the opportunity to travel to America, you must try the grilled chicken menu there. Delicious as a main course when traveling to America with a distinctive spicy delicious taste combined with paprika and other accompanying vegetables.


Bun bread with meat filling is one of the mandatory foods enjoyed by immigrants from America. Even though there are so many burgers currently in Indonesia, you need to try the original burger from Uncle Sam’s land.

Don’t be afraid it’s unhealthy, you can find vegetable debris in the burger filling. The delicious blend of vegetables with meat complements the typical American burger. The meat that is usually used as filling also varies, ranging from beef to chicken. Complementary seasonings ranging from chili sauce, tartar to mayonnaise according to the type which will certainly make this Burger taste even more delicious.


Similar to tacos, burritos are also food that originates from Mexico. The presentation of this burrito is no different from tacos, this is because both of them use tortilla shells for wrapping. If it’s a taco snack, you’ll enjoy the beans and rice in the packaging section. You need to taste the pleasure of a burrito when you arrive in America.

Not only can it be used as breakfast, but burritos can also be enjoyed as a travel snack because they are quite filling. The practical shape of the burrito makes many Americans eat it often. Make sure you taste your burrito while you’re in America, OK?

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