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Naturally Increase Testosterone For Male Health

What is testosterone?
Testosterone is the basic sex or male hormone of men produced by the testes which performs and maintains various body functions e.g. muscle mass and strength. It encourages the enhancement of male sexual characteristics (penis development, muscle development and Masculine features), body fat distribution; bone mass, sex drive, sperm production, and potency. For these characteristic functions, testosterone is also referred to as “Male Hormone”. Testosterone is likewise the strongest of the ever-present androgens. The androgens generally also lead to the enhancement of male sex characteristics, like a full voice and a beard; in addition they strengthen muscle tone as well as bone mass.

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Testosterone is generated by the testes from the coming of puberty throughout adulthood under the influence of Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH). Sex hormones are made from cholesterol which is converted to Pregnenolone by the ACTH. High levels of ACTH therefore stimulate greater manufacture of testosterone from cholesterol.
Testosterone is indeed produced in large quantities in the testes, and androgens (the parent hormones which give rise to testosterone) are in reality created by two little glands next to the kidneys, the adrenals, in both males and ladies.
Testosterone is manufactured in both females and men however adult males produce a lot more than females. On an average, males have 10 times better level of testosterone compared to girls as the adult male body companies 2.5 – 11 mg per day while women just produce 0.25 mg by using ovaries. Read this post ( discrepancy results in a lot of the biological differences in between the sexes including the penis advancement and enlargement.

Free photo search engine marketing collageSignificance of testosterone
Testosterone is very important because it plays several crucial roles in the bodies of ours throughout our lives as well as before we’re born. For instance, testosterone enables you to identify the gender of the fetus in the womb. Testosterone results in the development of the male genitals (the penis as well as testicles) in the womb and at puberty helps all of the male characteristics to develop – like deeper voice, increased muscle mass, facial hair etc and body. Testosterone also continues to be crucial during all stages of a male’s life. In reality testosterone can be considered as being central to a man’s mind, body and sexual function.