Início Sem categoria Korean Fried Chicken in Jakarta. Similar on Drakor!

Korean Fried Chicken in Jakarta. Similar on Drakor!

Korean Fried Chicken in Jakarta. Similar on Drakor!

Who is looking for Korean fried chicken restaurants in Jakarta after watching the latest Drakor series? This one food actually always manages to make you drool. So, in Jakarta, there are already many restaurants that provide this one menu. Some of them are even branches of the most popular fried chicken restaurant in Korea, you know. Here are some calls for Korean chicken restaurants in Jakarta that you shouldn’t miss please visit us:

1. Yongdaeri Korean BBQ SCBD

Yongdaeri Korean BBQ is one of the Korean restaurants in Jakarta that you really have to try. Launching from, this restaurant is famous for its really delicious barbecue menu. Apart from barbecue, there are still many other Korean specialties that you can enjoy here, including the Korean fried chicken which is very addictive. As a fan of Korean food, you have to try the galbi chicken menu, fried chicken with galbi seasoning which is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. in. The perfect blend of sweet, savory and salty flavors on your tongue is guaranteed to make you addicted. There is also a curry chicken menu which tastes delicious and is very unique.

2. Dago Restaurant

In the middle of a row of Japanese restaurants in the Melawai area, Dago Restaurant, which provides Korean menus, is sure to be in the spotlight. What’s more, there are lots of choices for Korean dishes that don’t taste canned here.

One of the menus that you should try here is the yangnyeom fried chicken, which is famous for its delicious sweet and savory red spices. There is also a volcano cheese buldak menu, which is fried chicken with Korean spices and melted mozzarella cheese which is perfect for cheese lovers.

3. Moon Chicken

Talking about Korean fried chicken in Jakarta, Moon Chicken can be the right choice for you. Not only famous for its fried chicken which tastes really authentic, Moon Chicken which is located in Senopati is also famous for its futuristic interior design and makes you feel like you are in outer space.

At this Korean restaurant, you can enjoy delicious Korean chicken with savory, sweet and spicy spices that seep deep inside. If you like cheese, you can also order Korean chicken wings rolling cheese whose delicacy is explosive on the tongue. Apart from the fried chicken, you also have to have the delicious and refreshing bingsoo.

4. Kkuldak

You must be familiar with Kkuldak, which is famous as the Korean chicken Jakarta brand, right? Compared to fried chicken at Korean restaurants in general, the price for Korean honey chicken at Kkuldak is quite affordable. It feels no less delicious.

This kkuldak has four delicious flavors, namely original honey, spicy honey, Korean curry honey, and finally salt and pepper. Apart from Korean honey chicken, Kkuldak also has fried chicken balls, crazy potatoes, and tteokbokki which are delicious for snacking.

5. Chicken Phong

Chicken Phong is famous as the pioneer of Korean chicken in Jakarta, you know. The fried chicken here is perfectly cooked so that the outside is crunchy abis while the inside is still soft. The seasoning seeped into the meat. Here you can enjoy several flavors of fried chicken with different Korean spices. You can try Phong steamed chicken, Phong fried stew, hot cheese chicken, or barbecue oven chicken. You can also try other menus such as ramen and oven cheese pasta.

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