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Italian Restaurant Recommendations in Jakarta for Romantic Dinner

Italian Restaurant Recommendations in Jakarta for Romantic Dinner!

Are you a fan of Italian food like pizza and pasta? Maybe you already have several favorite Italian restaurants that you often rely on. There are lots of Italian restaurant recommendations in Jakarta. They can be in the form of a cafe, fast food restaurant, or a luxury restaurant located in a five-star hotel.

Some of them serve Italian cuisine with an authentic taste, aka the same as in their country of origin. Not only serving the taste of food that is similar to the original, the atmosphere of the restaurant is also Italian. As a result, some of these restaurants are suitable for a romantic dinner with your partner. Although the price of the food can be a bit more expensive, the taste and atmosphere it provides are well worth it. The following are some recommendations for Italian restaurants in Jakarta that must be visited sammys taste of chicago restaurant:

1. Rosso Restaurant

In Italian, rosso means red and when it comes to it. We will see lots of red decorations that make this restaurant feel warm and elegant. Apart from that, there are plenty of authentic and sensational Italian specialties here that will blow your tongue.

A special dinner event with your partner can be the right choice to do at this one Italian restaurant. Especially with the view of the lights from tall buildings and Italian music, it feels like you don’t want to leave this place. For the pizza menu, try the Piccante Pizza with spicy salami topping, Italian sausage, tomato sauce, chili flakes, onions and more. Apart from that, there are also pasta dishes that you can try here. We are also advised to try the lobster risotto which is very delicious. Meanwhile, for the signature cocktail, there is Italiano Hypnotique which tastes good but the alcohol is not too strong.

2. Mamma Rosy

Meanwhile in South Jakarta there is also an Italian restaurant that serves an authentic menu and the taste is beyond doubt! Mamma Rosy is located in Kemang Raya and is located in a house that used to be an art gallery with strong Javanese and Balinese nuances. This restaurant is now owned by an Italian expat named Dabiel Vigone. He named this restaurant after his mother’s name.

So, it’s clear that the food recipes served at this Italian restaurant in Jakarta are family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. For pizza lovers, it is mandatory to taste a variety of delicious pizza offerings here. If you like pesto, Mamma Rosy’s Lasagna Pesto is also one of the tastiest in Jakarta.

3. Bottega Ristorante

If you want to enjoy Italian food in a restaurant with a very beautiful interior, you can visit Bottega Ristorante in the SCBD area. This Italian restaurant in Jakarta has Penne Alla Vodka. In this menu, we are spoiled with Penne Pasta cooked with Vodka Marinara and delicious pieces of salmon. Apart from that, the sauce is also delicious and there is enough Vodka to taste on the tongue.

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