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Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry Becomes Independent

Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry Becomes Independent

The emergence of a government policy to launch the National Medicinal Raw Materials Independence Program was written in the roadmap of the Ministry of Health and the XI Economic Policy Package as outlined in RI Presidential Instruction No. 6 of 2016 concerning the Acceleration of the Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry, Kimia Farma built production facilities with the aim of reducing dependence on imported Medicinal Raw Materials (BBO). Other strategies that those surveyed said they used to save money on drug costs included asking doctors for lower-cost medications, buying prescription drugs from other countries, and using alternative therapies. The obligation to buy medicines and medical devices in a trusted place is of course related to the quality of service and patient safety guarantees. Health facility providers need to understand what risks may occur if drugs or medical equipment are not procured through official and trusted distributors of medical devices.

Cutting Medication Costs The Safe Way

If you are having difficulty affording your medications, here are some questions to ask your doctor:
Which medicines are the most essential for me? If your medications have been prescribed by different doctors, ask one of them — preferably your primary care physician — which ones are really necessary. Get an explanation of how each drug improves your quality of life, keeps you out of the hospital, and/or helps you live longer. If no generic is available, ask your doctor or pharmacist if a less-expensive brand name drug in the same medication family would work as well. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about pill splitting. With some medications, there is little or no cost difference between low-dose and high-dose pills. With a $5 pill splitter, you can buy the higher-dose version and save 50% on clarks pharmacy az. Shop around. Even with prescription medications, prices can vary a lot. I recently compared the price of a commonly prescribed antibiotic. I found one major drug store that charged one-third the price compared to another.

Get Competitive Prices
Currently, there are lots of illegal drugs circulating on the black market that are sold at lower prices, but there is no guarantee about their quality, efficacy, and safety. Even though the price of the drug at the official distributor is slightly more expensive, it is comparable to the safety and quality of the drug you get.

Some drug distributors sometimes charge competitive prices if the clinic buys drugs in large quantities. Smart Pharmacy is one of them, a trusted and official distributor of drugs and medical equipment for your clinic. For the best offers, contact the Smart Pharmacy team right away!

Can Follow Up
In order to ensure the safety and quality of drugs, official distributors usually follow up with clinics regarding the drugs that have been purchased. This makes it easy for clinics to get the latest information about medicines, including price changes, discounts and promotions available.

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