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Hungarian Typical Food from Sweet to Spicy

Hungarian Typical Food from Sweet to Spicy

Did you know that Hungarian food cannot be separated from hot peppers? Yes, they love the hot Hungarian variety of peppers. Apart from that, Hungarians also like to eat lots of cheese and meat as well as soups and stews. This country’s special food is closely related to diversity because each region has a different recipe.

Hungarian traditional dishes form part of the country’s proud cultural heritage and are numerous. Come on, take a look at the following list of Hungarian specialties that are famous for their deliciousness!


Kifli are crescent-shaped rolls that can be eaten plain, topped with poppy seeds, sesame or cumin, or topped with fruit jam or honey. Although not much is known about the origin of kifli, it is said that it was invented when Christians defended Buda, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Hungary, from the Ottoman Empire.

As a sign of the celebration, bakers in town started selling fresh crescent-shaped rolls. Today in Hungary kifli is usually made for Christmas celebrations. While there are many varieties of kifli across Europe, such as vanillas kifli or makos kifli, none are quite like the original crescent-shaped roll.


Goulash is probably the first thing that comes to mind when most people are asked about the famous Hungarian specialty. That is true because this food is very popular. In Hungary, goulash is known as gulyás which is the name for the shepherds who came from this country who liked to make this food in the 9th century.

This food is prepared in a kettle over an open fire. In some places where the original, this traditional method is still used. Goulash is a warm soup traditionally made from beef, but sometimes pork, veal, and even chicken. Hungarian paprika is the main ingredient of this dish along with other vegetables and spices.

There are many versions of goulash in this country. Some are more like a soup than a stew, but some contain healthy vegetables. In addition there is a version that is served with small egg noodles called “csipetke”.

Hortobagyi Palacsinta

Langos is a flour-based snack that is shaped like a spring roll skin and filled with sliced chicken or beef and don’t forget the topping of thick soup. It tastes very delicious, there is a savory salty and sweet. If in Indonesia it can be said to be similar to wet spring rolls but not fried and tastes sweet. Meanwhile, Hortobagyi Palacsinta is baked on Teflon until it becomes stiff and brown in color.


Quoted from Langos is a dish of flat bread sprinkled with toppings of cheese, sour cream, nuts, chocolate. The process of making langos uses the roasting method using a stove and is still very traditional so it doesn’t contain excessive cooking oil. If you are lucky, Langos can be found along the streets because this snack is mushrooming when there are events such as carnivals or community parties. Langos itself has another name, namely Lalanga, the size of Lalanga itself is only as big as a plate with a diameter of 20 cm. The combination of savory and sweet flavors is better eaten when it is still hot. After you try to walk while enjoying Langos around the city of Hungary, try taking a hot bath in the City of Budapest. In this city there is a natural hot spring whose water will rise 70 liters every day.


Tasting other Hungarian specialties, namely fozelek, which is a vegetable stew that is good for the diet. In particular, this menu is similar to Indonesian Style Urap or American Style Salad. The vegetable stuffing can be green beans, peas, lentils, marrow, cabbage or something similar. Fozelek can be accompanied by a delicious local red wine. The process of making this Fozelek menu does not use spices, only a little oil, mayonnaise. For this traditional menu you will find it during all seasons but it is best eaten during the day.

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