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Cheap Seafood Eating Tricks in Jimbaran

Cheap Seafood Eating Tricks in Jimbaran

Lots of fresh seafood and even still alive. Seafood that is sold is available in the market and also on the beach. Those in the market are fresher but more expensive. If the one on the beach is not too fresh but still delicious to eat and also the price is quite cheaper than the one in the market. If I buy both, it depends on the freshness of the seafood.

To eat 4 people I bought 1 kg of clams for 35 thousand rupiahs and 9 ounces round fish for 45 thousand rupiahs. With 80 thousand rupiah raw seafood I take it to a seafood restaurant and use the services of grilling and cooking it. The location is also on Jimbaran Beach and not far from Kedonganan Market, about 100 meters. Even friends will pass by these restaurants if they want to go to the Kedonganan market.

There are various kinds of grilling and cooking services in restaurants, grilling services from 15 thousand rupiahs to 20 thousand rupiahs per kilogram and cooking services from 20 thousand rupiahs to 40 thousand rupiahs per kilogram depending on the restaurant. I recommend the Legong restaurant with a fuel service price of 15 thousand per kilogram and a cooking service of 30 thousand per kilogram.

At the Legong restaurant I ordered 1 basket of rice for 30 thousand rupiahs, 2 glasses of iced tea for 10 thousand rupiahs per glass, 1 bottle of mineral water for 10 thousand rupiahs and 1 plate of cah kangkong for 20 thousand rupiahs. Don’t forget to also add 10% VAT so the total I paid at the Legong restaurant was 138 thousand rupiah.

The dining location is really on the beach where there are lots of decorative lights and also international quality music performances. The service is fast and of course the taste of the seasoning is very suitable for the tongue of Indonesians and also foreign tourists. With a total price of 218 thousand rupiah, my friends and I were really overwhelmed to spend it all because it was really worth it!

I also recommend friends to arrive at the Kedonganan market before 5 pm so that they still have time to enjoy the beauty of the sunset from Jimbaran Beach. Perfect for healing, spending time with family, friends or dating with your partner. So, don’t be afraid anymore if you want to eat seafood in Jimbaran. Anyway guaranteed collection!

Recommended Places to Eat Seafood in Pontianak

Seafood dishes are quite popular with many people, especially for seafood lovers. Many of them are looking for a place to eat that serves a seafood menu. In Pontianak itself, there are many places to eat that serve seafood menus. The processed seafood offered also varies, ranging from sweet and sour, spicy sour, padang sauce, and others.
So, here are recommendations for places to eat seafood in Pontianak:

Brother Crab

According to Abang Crab Pontianak serves a variety of diverse seafood menus such as fish, crab, squid, shrimp, and vegetables such as kale. The choice of fish offered is also quite a lot, there are pomfret, happy fish, grouper, lais fish, and others.

The processed seafood served is quite diverse, starting from oyster sauce, padang sauce, sour and spicy, and other delicious preparations. The price for the seafood menu varies, the small crab menu costs IDR 25,000 per ounce, while the large crab costs IDR 35,000 per ounce. Abang Crab is located on Jalan Hijas, Pontianak.

Field of Shells Hooray Crab

Medan Kerang Hore Crab (MKHC) serves seafood in a unique container, using banana leaves. The seafood menu served is also quite a lot, starting from crabs, clams, lobsters, giant prawns, and octopus. MKHC offers a processed menu of spicy seafood, sweet and sour, black pepper, salted egg and smoked.

Prices for seafood are also quite diverse, crabs and giant prawns are priced at IDR 40,000 per 100 grams. However, you can also order a seafood package menu with a variety of processed seafood in it. MKHC is located at Jalan Karimata No. 64 and Jalan Maluku No. 2, Pontianak.

Pondok 18 Seafood

This one eating place serves a seafood menu with a variety of preparations. Pondok 18 Seafood offers a menu of crab, fish, shrimp, squid and other seafood menus. Not only that, Pondok 18 Seafood also serves a special Pontianak sour and spicy fish menu.
Processed seafood menus are offered starting from red sauce, padang sauce, oyster sauce, honey sauce, grilled, to smoked. Crabs are priced at IDR 30,000 per ounce. The price for the spicy sour fish also varies, depending on the type of fish and the size of the portion. Pondok 18 Seafood is located at Jalan Teuku Umar No. 58, Pontianak.

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