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Benefits of Playing Football for Personal Health

Benefits of Playing Football for Personal Health

The benefits of playing soccer for health are healthy for the heart, burning calories, training muscles and bones, to training self-confidence and relieving stress. Playing soccer can also train leadership skills, so it is good for children and adolescents.

As one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer is often the sport of choice for many people. Apart from being a fun way to play, it turns out that the benefits of soccer for health are no less flashy. Not only for physical health, playing with round skin is also good for your mental health. Playing soccer can provide various health benefits, such as website:

1. Good for the heart

One of the benefits of soccer that is not widely realized is that it is healthy for the heart. When playing soccer, you need good health and speed. What’s more, each match has a duration of 90 minutes, sometimes it can be up to 2 hours long, if extra time is available. Unlike other sports, like baseball for example, where you can relax and stay still while waiting for your turn, footballers have to jog. So, they can get the best position to receive, and can score goals against the opponent. That way, the heart rate remains trained and aerobic capacity increases.

2. Train muscles and bones

Although at first glance soccer players only use their feet a lot, this sport actually causes all parts of the body to move. Because it’s not surprising that people who regularly play soccer can increase their muscle mass and bone strength.

3. Maintain mental health

Exercising is an effective way to relieve frustration and inner tension. Several studies have also shown that physical activity, such as exercise, can release neurotransmitters that are responsible for adjusting mood and happiness. Sports that are carried out with teammates such as football can also help reduce anxiety and can induce feelings of happiness in the players.

4. Reducing the risk of dangerous diseases

The combination of running, walking and kicking movements in soccer will help you get the benefits of this soccer. Playing soccer will burn excess calories in the body, so keep your weight at the ideal number. Having a healthy body weight will reduce the risk of various dangerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

5. Increase self-confidence

The next benefit of soccer is that it is an activity that increases self-confidence, especially for children and adolescents. Through hard work, knowing his abilities in the match, self-confidence will appear in the child. Studies show that young people who enjoy sports, such as soccer, tend to excel academically. Not only that, the level of happiness they feel has also increased. It is recognized that young people who play sports are able to apply their experience on the “field” to their daily lives.

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