Início Sem categoria Bakpao, Favorite Chinese Food of All Time

Bakpao, Favorite Chinese Food of All Time

Bakpao, Favorite Chinese Food of All Time

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When asked to choose delicious Chinese food, my brain immediately remembers white steamed buns with twisted ends, namely Bakpao. Among all the variants, the most delicious is of course the peanut filling, usually mixed with sugar.

My memory will definitely drift to the school canteen, behind the library and anatomy laboratory, where I usually eat one or two buns that are quite large and have quite a lot of fillings.

Even though it’s that simple, yes, flour and yeast dough but it can be that soft. Similar to bakpao, in my village it is also known as basumap. For the meaning is the bakpao bread, basumap means steamed. But oddly enough, even though there are variants of peanut filling too, for cakes it is actually better fried.

Back to the steamed dumplings filled with coarsely chopped peanuts and mixed with sugar, until now I have never found anything as delicious as the one made by the school cafeteria lady.

I don’t know because in the past there weren’t many choices that could be enjoyed with limited remittances, either because in fact it was that good, the combination of the buns and the fillings was really just right.

Now, if you want steamed buns, you just need to stop by a fork in the main road, in front of a stall that sells cat food. Many flavors are offered, and for me, the chicken dumplings still taste weird. Apparently the tongue is just used to buns with sweet fillings. It’s more logical

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