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Bait and Hook NY New York

Bait and Hook NY New York

Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia serves a variety of Japanese dishes that are very popular in New York. This restaurant is yet another branch that has successfully opened many outlets in Indonesia. This Yawara Group Japanese restaurant is a favorite for sushi lovers at affordable prices. In fact, visitors often have to stand in long lines to try these unique and distinctive foods. If you’re at the Grand Indonesia Mall, don’t forget to stop by the Bait and Hook NY( booth located on Floor 3A. Enjoy the feeling of eating in an authentic Japanese restaurant with a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Bait and Hook NY food menu prices
The Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia menu price is quite cheap and affordable, they often have interesting offers and promotions as well. All food menus are Japanese, with various options and fillings. The first recommendation menu is various types of sushi with various ingredients offered at Rp. Rp 15,000. 120,000. There is also a Sushi Roll menu with multiple fillings priced at Rp. Rp 80,000. 150,000. There is also a Sashimi menu, for those who like fresh meat, they can taste this dish at the price of Rp. Rp 15,000. 120,000. You can also order the Hiro Treasure Box, a large package of sushi priced at Rp. Rp 350,000. 550,000. Apart from that, Hiro PIK also offers a menu of Noodle like Udon with various choices of sauce and toppings which are priced at Rp. Rp 45,000. 95,000. There is also an Italian menu like Pizza with interesting topping variations offered starting at Rp. Rp 80,000. 90,000. You can enjoy Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia All You Can It with prices starting from Rp. Rp 50,000. 240,000. For drinks, there are drinks available like summer breeze which you can try by paying Rp. Rp 35,000. 55,000. For Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia information, prices and menus may change at any time without notice.

Bait and Hook NY menu
The Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia menu is a unique and distinctive Japanese-style dish, with a variety of cute and beautiful styles. The recommended menu worth trying is the Hiro Mentai series with six pieces of Sushi. As the name suggests, this dish is smeared with mentai or mayonnaise. In one package contains tamago, beef, salmon and others with fresh meat that tastes so delicious. On top of that, there is a best-seller menu that is a favorite with visitors, namely Hiro Bauri Sushi. This menu contains tamago, squid, beef, salmon, fish and hotate with the fresh flavor of the meat and the soft and chewy texture. Presented in a stepped place as a small wooden staircase, the arrangement is unique and looks incredibly beautiful. So apart from the Sushi menu you can also enjoy Chicken Katsu Curry which has huge portions. The chicken meat is fried just right, then coated in flour and fried until golden brown. It is eaten with a creamy and savory curry sauce sprinkled with fried garlic. Don’t forget the refreshing food side drinks available in a variety of flavors like Blue Hawaiian, Sakura Blossom, and more.

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