Início Sem categoria Apart from food, here are 5 typical Chinese New Year drinks in Indonesia

Apart from food, here are 5 typical Chinese New Year drinks in Indonesia

Apart from food, here are 5 typical Chinese New Year drinks in Indonesia

Apart from food, it turns out that not many people know about the special Chinese New Year drink served on the holidays of citizens of Chinese descent in Indonesia. Some Chinese New Year drink recipes are surprisingly easy to prepare and serve to guests, relatives and family

1. Chrysanthemum Tea

Luckily, Indonesia is a tropical country that can grow various types of tea, including tea from China. One of the special dishes of Chinese descent during Chinese New Year is serving traditional tea, namely tea made from Chrysanthemum flowers.

According to, this tea is not too thick in color but is still delicious for serving in the morning or evening while relaxing at home. It turns out that chrysanthemum tea is believed to have various properties, such as being able to treat the flu so that it is believed to be useful for people with neurological disorders.

2. Milk Tea

This type of milk tea tastes familiar in Indonesia. Originally milk tea was a popular drink in Taiwan. Then it is modified with various toppings and fillings such as jelly, fruit to combine delicious flavors.

Milk tea is also one of the prospective businesses so that many SMEs have opened milk tea stalls and sold it to customers up to several upper middle class elite shopping centers.

3. Plum Juice

So, this Chinese New Year drink is slightly different from the previous two drinks. This drink is suitable for those who lead a vegan life and are also on a diet.

Plum fruit juice is one of the typical Chinese New Year drinks that is refreshing, especially if you drink it when it’s hot. Plum juice is sold in various corners of China’s cities with customers of all ages.

4. Mai Dong

This drink is one that is consumed by many adult men. Mai Dong drink is a kind of energy drink which is a mixture of several fruits and spices to increase energy.

This drink is very well known in its home country as a healthful energy drink, especially after hard work or exercise.

5. Baijiu

This drink is for adults only. Baijiu is white wine which is one of the typical drinks from mainland China.

This drink is usually only consumed at night. For some people, white wine is believed to be one of the efficacious medicines to warm the body. Apart from that, not a few use it as a fracture therapy by applying it to the joints or parts that are injured.

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