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A Chewy Chinese Fried Mushroom With BBQ Flavour

A Chewy Chinese Fried Mushroom With BBQ Flavour

Golden Dynasty FL is a small space, with only a few tables for on-site diners. My cake came to a few cents over $15 and off I went for the return trip to West Chester. I gave him a standard burner on a crumpled sheet pan, and we sat down to enjoy it with a bottle of old vintage red California Zinfandel. The crust is thin, but thick and chewy (in a good way). It’s not like the classic Trenton, New Haven, or even Neapolitan bread has a charmark; the ground is completely white, colored only by the coating of corn (besides its effect on the texture, the corn makes bread easily from the skin in the oven). The skin is thick and puffy, one side has a dark color so it doesn’t come close to the fire.

There’s a thick coating of big chunks of good Italian sausage, and a thick layer of aged mozzarella on top of the red sauce. All in all, the bread is beautiful regardless of the color of the crust.
In terms of flavor, the sauce and cheese are delicious, but the actors are incredible. I would prefer the cheese to be reduced from a third to a half, but I hope that many customers will appreciate this layer of cheese (which is cooked well to give it color and a golden feeling). The sausage was centered in the center of the bread, but no big deal. It smells delicious and smells really good. The dog is clearly not the Sysco-type product that most people make, and it is not high-quality flour either. The best analogy I can find is that I feel like a big, big cocktail. If you’ve read my review of Lee’s Tavern on Staten Island (full story and photos HERE website), you know that I see bass pie as a concoction of the usual ingredients, made by a Chinese and Indian Cuisine maker. separate. I think that’s what happens at Golden Dynasty FL.

It’s not a high end gourmet bread – it’s ordinary Efrata turned into something special by the skill of the cook. In my opinion, the oven is not that difficult to modify, but the burner can help a lot if the cook has enough skills. Kudos to Golden Dynasty FL for the magic that happens in this little kitchen. A Chinese and Indian Cuisine place? Not perfect, but really great local Chinese and Indian Cuisine. If I lived near Ardmore, I would eat a lot of Chinese and Indian Cuisine from Golden Dynasty FL. The crust gets an 8, the sauce gets a 7, the cheese a 6, the sausage a 9, and the cooking skills get a 10. Vibe and counter guy friend? Another 10. Overall a very good 8.5 bread, well worth the calories!

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