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5 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Bali for Those Who Have Never Been on Vacation to Bali

Recommended Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Taiwan that Must Be Visited

Of the many natural tourist destinations presented, the team has summarized Taiwan’s best and most famous natural tourism recommendations. Here’s the list:

1.Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful lake located in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan.

Lalu Island in the middle of the lake separates the lake into a crescent-shaped part and a sun-shaped part.

The lake is wide and serene, providing a perfect reflection of the changing appearance of Sun Moon Lake each season. Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area includes five major recreational attractions, namely Huatan, Shuili River, Puli, Zhuoshui River and Jiji.

2.Beihai Tunnels

The Beihai Tunnel, located on the coast of Tieban, is a grid structure waterway that goes deep into the mountains.

Crossing the rock, the tunnel is 18 meters high, 10 meters wide and 640 meters long. At high tide, the water level reaches 8 meters, and at low tide it decreases to 4 meters.

The tourist path along this tunnel is 700 meters long. The round trip takes about 30 minutes.

3. Cape Bitou Hiking Trail

Many tourists like to take photos along the Tanjung Bitou Hiking Trail and upload them on social media because of its extraordinary beauty.

With a small hiking trail, tourists can take beautiful photos from various angles.

This path is favored by experienced climbers. With a 3.5 KM forested walkway, tourists will be treated to stunning views of the bay and headland alongside a variety of coastal plants.

4. Fulong Beach

To this day, the beach is still a place visited by tourists.

Because of its beautiful scenery, Fulong beach is called the golden beach, while the crescent-shaped bridge across the beach is called the rainbow bridge.

The nearby river is wide and clean, perfect for sailing, canoeing and surfing.

5. Green Island

Not far from Taitung, Green Island or Pulau Hijau is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs which make it a paradise for swimmers and for snorkling.

On the island itself, most of the scenic spots are linked by a 16.3-kilometer circular concrete highway.

These include the Green Island Lighthouse, Green Island Park, Common Rock, Gate Stone, Guanyin Cave, Youzi Lake, Peking Dog Rock, Sleeping Beauty Rock, Cape Sail, Black Ghost Cave, and the rare Zhaori Saltwater hot spring.

Bathing in the spring under the stars at night is very popular among visitors and don’t forget to visit our site for other interesting information by additional info

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