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5 Most Popular Indian Food Recommendations

5 Most Popular Indian Food Recommendations

Indian food has different characteristics compared to other cuisines in the world. Variations can also be different, depending on the region. For example, there are differences between cuisines or culinary origins from North and South India. Some of the popular Indian specialties include biryani rice, tandoori chicken, naan, samosas, and many more.

Indian food is known for being healthy because it is rich in vegetables, such as okra bhajis, samosas and dal. Apart from that, India’s religion and culture also affect the taste of the food. For example, in India there are no dishes made from beef, because this animal is sacred in Hinduism. There are no dishes containing pork, because it is forbidden among Muslims in India.

Most Popular Indian Food

Indian food which is popular in the world can also be found in Indonesia. Some restaurants serve Indian dishes such as naan, samosas and biryani rice. Here is a list of popular Indian dishes:

1. Samosas

Quoted from one of the popular Indian specialties is Samosa. Samosa cakes have fillings such as potatoes, onions, peas, chicken, beef, or lamb.

Samosa cake is a cake that is fried or baked. This Indian food is free of eggs and milk, because some Indians like vegetables.

Indian people usually eat samosas as a snack during the day or as a complement to a meal.

2. Chicken Makhani

Makhani chicken or butter chicken is usually the main dish in India. This Indian dish contains chicken in a tomato sauce, which is cooked in a clay or metal oven.

The thick red gravy in this dish is made from fresh tomatoes, garlic and cardamom. Then the spice sauce is mashed after being cooled. After that, the chef will add butter, spices, and khoa, a type of dry whole milk.

3. Naans

Naan bread is a popular Indian food. Naan is a hollow flatbread that is baked in the oven. Usually naan is used as a complement to typical Indian food.

This bread has a chewy and crunchy texture. Butter and garlic add flavor to this bread. There are several types of naan bread that have different tastes.

4. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is a dish typical of northern India. This grilled chicken dish is served with yogurt and spices. The process of making tandoori chicken uses an oven and clay.

Before cooking, the chicken is soaked in yogurt. Then, the chicken is seasoned with a mixture of spices such as cayenne pepper, red chili powder, and Kashmiri chili.

5. Rogan Josh

One of the staple foods of the Kashmir region, in northern India is Rogan Josh. This Indian food uses chunks of boiled lamb, which is cooked in a sauce.

The thick gravy in this dish is cooked using yogurt, garlic, ginger and spices. Meanwhile, the red color of Rogan Josh uses dry chilies from the Kashmir region.

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