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4 Advantages of Car Rental Business, Very Promising

4 Advantages of Car Rental Business, Very Promising

A car is a form of transportation that makes it easier for someone to move without overheating or rain. But not everyone can afford it. So that’s where this business opportunity arises. Namely providing car rental services for individuals or companies.

By providing the best service, maintenance and a good fleet, this service will have sales value to consumers. Here are 5 advantages of the car rental business according to

1. How can this car rental service promise?

For new units, of course, they already have insurance throughout the tenor, and business owners look for promos from dealers who have periodic service fees and free spare parts. Thus making it easier for entrepreneurs to minimize capital and costs.

If the new unit is rented for IDR 600,000 per day for 25 days, then you will receive an income of IDR 15 million per month. You reduce your income or turnover with monthly installment fees. So that the profit is IDR 7.2 million per month without having to think about maintenance costs and spare parts costs during the credit tenor.

2. The target market is very broad

With an increasingly high level of community mobility, people often need transportation to support their activities. The car rental business has 2 target markets, namely individuals and companies.

As a business owner, you don’t have to think about fuel. Because the fuel is borne by the tenant.

3. You can work from home

The car rental service business can be started from home. So you can have more time with your family. However, this business has many risks, one of which is losing a fleet or unit.

If you use a fleet that is new to this business, it will be calmer to do it. Because of the new fleet that you have insurance. (If you buy the fleet on credit, use all risk insurance).

4. Marketing is quite easy

All businesses need a marketing strategy. Including the car rental service business. You definitely need a marketing strategy that minimizes expenses. The way the marketing strategy is:

This is different from point 2. Because at this point, if you only have 1 to 2 units, then you need to work with a more competent car rental company. This is done by profit sharing that has been determined between the two parties.

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