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11 Most Recommended Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

11 Most Recommended Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

When talking about Japanese cuisine, it will never end. Even now, there are many Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. These restaurants not only serve Japanese specialties, but also have a very strong Japanese feel. Instead of lingering, here are 11 of the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta and recommendations for you.


This Japanese restaurant has been open since 1996. In total, this restaurant has been around for 20 years. Not only stealing hearts through the Japanese dishes that are served, Marufuku presents a strong Japanese restaurant theme. Where there is a traditional sliding door that is often used by Japanese people.

Not only that, when entering this restaurant, visitors will be greeted with various wooden and bamboo furniture. The Japanese menu that they serve is almost 300 types. Starting from ramen, various variants of sushi and several grilled, fried or steamed dishes.

Ok Bento

You could say this one Japanese restaurant is a restaurant that is quite luxurious. Located on the ground floor of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Oku Bento provides a variety of Japanese specialties with a taste like no other. There are many menu options that you can choose from. Starting from beef, seafood, salmon, and vegetables. For the price itself, it is quite expensive.


This Japanese restaurant really presents a very thick atmosphere of the country of Sakura. The reason is, not only from the cuisine or the interior, which has Japanese nuances, most of the visitors to the chefs are also Japanese. There are many menu options that you can choose here. There is sushi with a delicious taste.

Besides that, there is also a set menu that you can order for two or with your family. Even though it’s actually for just one person, because the Japanese people’s portions are large, eating alone won’t run out. The mainstay set menu here is Umi mori which can be for two.

Ippeke Komachi

This Japanese restaurant serves sushi dishes that are very tempting to anyone who sees them. This restaurant, which is located in Kelapa Gading, does have a tempting sushi appearance. One of them is spicy sushi in the form of salmon. When else to taste spicy sushi.

In addition, there is also very fresh Unagi. There is also the Yakiniku Roll which is also very delicious. Where this food is a blend of rice, nori, beef yakiniku, avocado and sesame seeds. Guaranteed it will not disappoint, in fact it will add more.

Daitokyo Sakaba

The atmosphere served in this Japanese restaurant is very thick and felt. Where visitors will eat in wooden booths and very private. In addition, you can also grill the meat yourself. This is so that it can be according to taste. But for an authentic Japanese taste, let the chef do the work.

For the grilled meat menu, there are several variants, namely Roast Beef, Buta Bara, and Negishiotan. These three are the most enjoyed menu. Because it tastes soft, juicy and has a distinctive smell. For the rice itself, there is Yakitori Don. This rice is a combination of rice with chicken skin, chicken drumstick and chicken liver and eggs and don’t forget to visit our site for other interesting information by Visit the sydney of settle

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